Friday, December 12, 2008

*taLkie bout tripie*;p


*24th-25th of November 2008_P**d*na Beach Resort]"
adlh hri & tempatnya dimana half Of Setianz b'gabung kmbali[::-Uncle Dan, Zpro, Arsyamin, BobOtaku, Areleiou, Jak Toyo, Abe Jiq, Linges, *Rafaiz, *Aniff, Hanafiah, & aku...ermm hepy larh jgak..dpt reunion balek..especialy nge bdox2 mrsm PC yg b'tanda (*);p"

Ermm tmpat 2??oh 0ke j,,sound nyo pon dh intresting..eheh 0yea 'Beach Resort' babe!!;D but sumkind lyke 'Bi*ch Res0rt';p dats y di snsoredkn namanya..tk0t kna 'sue' nti;p eheh palim d*mn skali kt cashier n rception 2 larh..0yea prempuan babe, tp mb dh lagend sgt dats y smile pon brkerut..cheyyh kupik smile larh pnya cashier..dh larh 'lipat', xtra 'gelap' lg..dis one said rm400 for 2 std. room+deposit then dis one mntak rm200 for same thing..aisehh dh 2 baya j larh rm200..afta dat brmula larh knonnya sgt2 bahagia brsamamu..hatta brangkat check in room larh si Setianz ne on while waitin for BobOtaku yg x sampei2.."

Haish x abis lg nii.. waitin waitin for Bob..tibO2 j mrs. cashier lagend call-> tuntut rm200 lg..aisehh dh larr room ja0h ngn lobby:| hmm redha j larhh..sO on da way back 2 lobby larh uncle Dan, Abe Jiq & aku..cheyyhh si cashier nii maen2 larhh..s0 dat on da back 2,,KtOe plan sumtin (knonnya nk lipat blek dyOe);p well at least succeed..ehem2 1st ktOe sindir slOw2 kasi hOt sket!! then ktOe sngaja lmbat2kn tyme kuar dOit nk baya 2..Ohoh laz2 dat poOr cashier said "meh rm150 pom xpo larh";p Ohohoho taq it or leave it;D"

Oke next..come back again,,wit sum more stories bout da setianz on room...haih bru msuk room dh ON dh PS2 n d game begins..Ofcz larh wit PES'09,,adess sO, juz leave da wurld n layann game till eveng..Our life s0 simple huh!thenn..dh eveng 2 s0 wat else??cndition realy guD for swimin..sO juz taq Off n chnge da clothes thn jump rte intO d'pOoL;D but still thres sumbuddies in room::- Bob, Zpro, Toyo n me again-> watchin for d'precious n imprtant thngs or mb juz tell d'truth,'watchin spongebob';p Ouyeah "sy bodoh tp sy bangga;p[spongie said dat]"..Owh fnished wit spongething, then Bob n me hv sum walkie walkie talkie round dat Bi*ch n juz walkie n walkie 2 sumwhre called 'kdai makan' or seafood..eheh not sO far juz across dat PCB Beach Resort;p n bought sum 'keropok' for fast dinner bfore BBQ,,Ouyeah;D Hmm realy cleanie eyes thre..owh wait not wit beach or bi*ch girls but wit d*mn LC's n 125's babies Ouyeah!!;D"

Ouyeah here cme d' best mment..its "BBQ tyme dude!!";D afta isya' then lets gonE 2 sumwhre suit for dat;p Ouyeah evrytin going cooL n great realy no suspiciOus xcept sum prOblemO wit dat 'itchie antz'..erhh they realy ruined dat place but still OKE;D!! well we gOt chickies, meaties, fishies, n seafoods for dis n its realy done great by us well DONE dude;p!! our chickie realy fireup!!but heyy thnkefull they still cn b eat,Ouyeah juz oke for d'bginer;p but our meatie realy uwrh WELL DONE,grade A!!;D Oukeh but wait thres still a prObz..we realy gOt evrytin for BBQ but...ermm cn i hv sum drinks?? Owh yeah realy we gOt it,,gOt NOThnG!!;p sO??whre shud we get dat?? Ouyeah thres sumplace out thre whch about 400-500 mter from here;p weLL anybudy gOt sum ideas thn juz giv it QUICK cz evrybudy realy HOTie matiE here!!"

WeLL Abe Jiq, Arsyamin, Aniff n me taq big steps to shopie for sum drinkie but heyy its d*mn far away duDE!! oke thn we asked d'cashier(dis tyme a guy) n a lagend guy if thre any othr way we can get thre faster n tiredless??yeah we asked for their bike but u realy thnk they wanna giv it??na'ah 4get it,its out Of ur dream..thn d'cashier show sum rspect by givin us a 'MAP'!! to reach 'pondok pok Guard';p owh realy taq tyme 4 dat cz its bout 100 mter from thre..n thnkedful we reached it n hope 4 sum helpie..asked for bike again but noe wat??they dun giv it, isOkey but heyy thres son Of bi*ch who realy got sh*ts Out Of his mouth..noe wat he said??->"jaley gi j larhh,demo nop minum lonii bukey kawe"!!urwh D*MN who does he thnks he is??"heyy bi*ch if u cant help then juz say it n SHUT UR D*MN MOUTH UP!!" weLL isokey he gOt sumtin..yeaH sum STRONG WORDS from us n juz taq dat!!"

Ouyeah now we realy helpless..face down n rturned 2 loBBy but wait..thre still one kind..dunnO wat he thnks??but he gav us d'key Of reliefness;p Ouyeah his bike not so cooL but thnkedful we realy reached dat shopie n bought sum drinks back!!Ouyeah;D then d'best mment continues wit more laughes n cheers;D Ouyeah we had it enuf then lets GOne to d'room n Ofcz 'd'battle for the Konami's Champions League begins!!' between-> Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Juve, n Barca..its realy great n heyy, Man Utd r top,they won fair n square!!Congrats;D Ouyeah not 4get bout d'OTAKU's buddies, Bob n Adi..they played nice n great guitar n Ouyeah dat nyte too,,thres a 'breakDANCE BATTLE' btween Zpro n Abe Jiq n they done best!!i'm not realy sure bout all dis cz i'v gOt sumtin more personal 2 do;p nway dis all juz keep rollin n rollin till nex mornim whres evryone goin DOWN n went 2 dreamland 4 while bfore pack for leavin.."

Yeah dats all..then evryone juz follow their own lead back 2 hum..but heyy its not ENd thre..we still cntct each othr for nex reunion,, 'futsal' yeah!!;D hmm i realy sure its still d'sweet mems 2 rmmber,,evrybdy luv it n Ofcz our relationship neva OFF,its gona stay n live on evry Setianz Souls..Last 4eva dude!!see u around nez tyme 4sure;D"